Tuesday, June 16, 2009


any DDE o DDK o DEB student boring cnt design a pcb board at the range of dateline?

MAYB dis software can hlp u solve dis problm, cos i has feel the hapiness now, cos no nid bore to do pcb board le ma^^ finish so many era liao lo~~~~

How ExpressPCB Works

> There are two parts to ExpressPCB, our free electronics design software and our low cost printed circuit board manufacturing service.

Download ExpressPCB

tat mean ... download 1st....

Draw a Schematic
1stly, use dis prog. draw a circuit as well as u can... it can avoid the circuit tat u draw is wrong... it get a alarm to u(automatically correct circuit)... as u steal ur mother money n bn scold by ur mom... hehe

Design the PC Board
design 2 untill 4 slit curcuit pcb board? no problem, cos dis program can hlp u do easily as u drink a cup of tea... den, just now said tat, the wreid circuit point was show a alarm o signal as the blue tat has been showing in the pcb board^^

Instant Quotes
dis prog can hlp u to calc a estimate time use n the cost nid to make dis product. Actually, i nvr study marketing o accounting... but really, it hlp me many as i get a gold hill

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